Portraits by Brooke

Fine Art Oil Paintings & Commissions

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Each portrait is unique and tailored to fit your budget.


Pricing depends upon size, number of portraits, details, background complexity, etc.






Any artist with an eye for proportion can create a likeness, but capturing "the spirit" of a subject is what makes artist Brooke Walker-Knoblich's original oil portrait paintings so remarkable.



Classically trained in both Paris and Florence, Brooke uses her knowledge of the Old Masters of the European Renaissance to enrich her own contemporary technique and vision. Each portrait is a treasured family heirloom. Brooke uses only quality materials, creating her paintings on triple primed linen with pigment saturated oils. Each painting is finished with an archival coat of protectant varnish to  promote conservation.

Live Portrait Sittings

Births, Anniverseries, Weddings, End of Life Ceremonies

Original oil paintings that honor

our most meaningful moments

Paintings to Celebrate Life

Pose for a portrait or alla prima oil sketch in the artist's private studio 


3 hour sessions, multiple sessions  for larger figurative paintings

Children and Group

 Portrait Paintings


Created from multiple photo and/or video references

Family Portraits