Bird Painting by Brooke Walker-Knoblich
Brooke Walker-Knoblich has an impeccable record painting custom portraits for over 20 years. She responds to inquiries within 12 hours and will personally guide you through the commission process. 
Q. How much does a custom painting cost?

A. Price depends on size, number of portraits and complexity of the painting. 


Q. How do I get a quote?

A. Brooke needs to see available reference photos to give you a quote. Fill out the

request form at the bottom of this page, collect your photos, and attach them in a

reply to the artist's email: 


Q. How do I decide which size is best?

A. Brooke will review your photos and discuss the best options to fit your budget.

You are welcome to visit the artist's studio to see different sizes in person.


Q. Do I pay a deposit?

A. A 50%  down payment is required to begin a custom painting. 


Q. Is the down payment refundable?

A. No. The downpayment covers cost of supplies and partially pays for labor.


Q. What if I don't like my painting?

A. Brooke has a 100% approval track record and 5 star rating on Goggle. If you

are unhappy, she will make changes to ensure your satisfaction. If no agreeement

can be reached, you are not required to purchase the painting. The downpayment

will be sacrificed and Brooke will retain ownership of the painting.


Q. What forms of payment are accepted?

A. Venmo, Zelle, Cash or Money Order.


Q. Can I use my credit card?

A. Yes, but it will incur a processing fee.


Q. Can I have the copyright to my custom painting?

A. No. The artist retains copyright ownership of all work. If you'd like to make

prints of your custom painting, Brooke can facilitate the production of giclees.


Q. How long does a painting take to make?

A. Depends on size/complexity of painting and Brooke's current commission

schedule. Medium sized paintings usually take 3-6 months. She frequently delivers

on tighter deadlines as needed.


Q. Can I have a painting made in a few weeks?

A. Yes it's possible. But oil paint takes at least a week to dry, so this is only

available for local, Portland pickups. Shipping delays delivery at least 10 days.